Sewage Treatment Plant

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Commercial Sewage Treatment Plant

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Capacity (KLD/MLD)1000 KLD
Inlet Flow Rate(m3/day)1000 m3/day
Treatment TechnologyActivated Sludge Process(ASP)
Material Of ConstructionMild Steel
Automation GradeAutomatic
Warranty1 Year

A commercial sewage treatment plant reduces harmful substances in wastewater from large commercial developments. This type of plant is used when there are many people visiting a premises or when a public main sewer is not capable of handling the wastewater. 

Commercial sewage treatment plants are indispensable for managing wastewater from industries and businesses, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations and safeguarding public health. The cost of establishing a commercial sewage treatment plant can vary based on factors such as capacity and technology. However, investing in these systems is essential for sustainable operations. Commercial sewage treatment systems offer advanced technologies and tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of industrial and commercial sectors. Industrial wastewater treatment systems and commercial sewage management solutions efficiently treat effluents, ensuring safe discharge into the environment. Municipal sewage treatment solutions and commercial sewage treatment technologies further enhance the efficiency and reliability of these systems. Customized industrial sewage treatment plants address high-capacity requirements, providing bespoke solutions for various industries. With their advanced capabilities and high capacity, commercial wastewater treatment plants play a critical role in responsible wastewater management in commercial and industrial settings.

Industrial Sewage Treatment Plant

₹ 1000000/Piece Get Latest Price

Capacity100 KLD
AMC ProvidedYes
Treatment TechnologyActivated Sludge Process(ASP)
Material of ConstructionMild Steel
Feed Flow Rate(m3/day or m3/hr)100 m3/day
Water Pump Power1 KW
Automation GradeAutomatic

An industrial wastewater treatment plant converts industrial wastewater into solids and treated water. The treated water can be reused or discharged into a sewer or released into the environment. 

STP plants, also referred to as sewage treatment plants, are pivotal in managing industrial wastewater, ensuring its safe disposal while mitigating environmental impact. The STP plant process comprises various wastewater treatment processes, including primary treatment, secondary treatment, and tertiary treatment. Primary treatment involves physical processes to remove large solids and debris, while secondary treatment employs biological and chemical methods to further purify the water. Secondary wastewater treatment plants enhance treatment efficiency by removing contaminants before discharge. Tertiary treatment provides additional purification to meet stringent quality standards. Treatment of industrial wastewater necessitates specialized processes tailored to the specific contaminants present. Water and wastewater treatment plant manufacturers play a crucial role in designing and constructing industrial sewage treatment plants, ensuring their efficient and reliable operation. Industrial wastewater treatment plants are vital for protecting water resources and minimizing the adverse effects of wastewater discharge on the environment.


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